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Manhattan woman contemplates vaginal rejuvenation procedure for sexual wellnessOur highly trained cosmetic gynecologist, Dr. Rita Shats, understands the many changes a woman’s body goes through from puberty to childbirth to menopause. Sexual wellness is an integral part of your quality of life. Many women struggle with painful or embarrassing issues that impact their sex life and intimacy with their partner, which is why New Look New Life Cosmetic Surgical Arts offers a variety of vaginal rejuvenation procedures and treatments to improve sexual wellness. 

Dr. Shats is an award-winning gynecologist and a certified robotic surgeon and board-certified by the American Congress of Obstetrics & Gynecology. She received America’s Top Ob/Gyn Award in 2013 and the Power Woman in Business Award in 2017. Dr. Shats offers unique procedures to our patients, some of which are covered by insurance, to achieve cosmetic goals, and enhance self-confidence. 

If you’re interested in vaginal rejuvenation, contact Dr. Shats in Manhattan today at (646) 559-2854 to schedule your sexual wellness consultation. New Look New Life Cosmetic Surgical Arts is NYC’s Premier Boutique Practice. 

Your Vaginal Rejuvenation Options in Manhattan 

Vaginal rejuvenation encompasses a wide array of cosmetic treatments and procedures to restore, reduce, or improve aspects of the female genitalia for medical and aesthetic reasons. Many of these sexual wellness treatment options can be combined for superior results. 

Labiaplasty: The labiaplasty procedure typically involves reducing the length of the labia minora (the inner vaginal lips) to alleviate symptoms such as irritation, itching, and discomfort from tugging or twisting during exercise or intercourse. Labiaplasty can also correct asymmetry. 

Vaginoplasty: This surgical procedure tightens the vagina in patients with moderate to severe laxity due to childbirth. These stretched tissues and separated muscles can lead to sexual dysfunction, and some women struggle to keep a tampon from falling out because of the lack of tone. The vaginoplasty brings the separated muscles together and removes extra skin from the backside of the vagina. 

Clitoral Hood Reduction: This procedure is often combined with a labiaplasty because the extra fold of the clitoral hood can look disproportionate once the labia minora are reduced. Clitoral hood reduction can balance the appearance of female genitalia. 

Perineoplasty: This vaginal rejuvenation procedure involves the perineum, which is the space between the vulva and the anus. Perineoplasty is done for medical and/or cosmetic reasons to improve pleasure during sexual intercourse by providing support to the pelvic floor. The surgery involves removing extra skin in the perineum and mucosa and tightening associated muscles. 

Hymenoplasty: The surgical repair of a torn or ruptured hymen is often performed for varying personal reasons such as religious or cultural affiliations. The hymen is a membrane that holds part of the vaginal opening closed and is usually an indication of virginity, though the hymen can tear due to tampon insertion or vigorous exercise as well as intercourse. 

Revision of Episiotomy: An episiotomy is a vaginal incision made to help in childbirth to enlarge the vagina. There are common complications that can arise after an episiotomy such as pain during sex, swelling, infection, and tearing into the rectal tissues, which can cause fecal incontinence. A revision procedure can alleviate these symptoms and restore sexual function. 

Vaginal Relaxation: There are a few treatments that work to relax vaginal muscle spasms. Vaginismus is a condition that causes involuntary muscle spasms in the pelvic floor that makes intercourse, inserting a tampon, or a gynecological exam painful and nearly impossible. BOTOX® injections have been shown effective in treating vaginismus, essentially “curing” 90 percent of patients since studies began in 2005.

Contact New Look New Life About Sexual Wellness Today 

If you’re interested in one or more of our sexual wellness treatments, contact our board-certified cosmetic gynecologist in Manhattan today at (646) 559-2854 to schedule your consultation. Dr. Shats provides vaginal rejuvenation options and other gynecological services to our NYC patients. 

Meet Our Physician Team

Victoria Karlinsky
Claudia J. Kim, D.O.
Benjamin Liliav, MD
Carey J. Nease, MD
Rita Shats, M.D. Cosmetic Gynecology in Manhattan

Victoria Karlinsky-Bellini, M.D., Claudia J. Kim, D.O., Benjamin Liliav, M.D.Carey J. Nease, M.D. & Rita Shats, M.D.

Our cosmetic surgeons are highly-skilled and trained as body scultpting, facial and vaginal rejuvenation specialists with extensive experience in all aspects of cosmetic surgery and treatments.

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