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Hair Restoration For Women

NeoGraft – Hair Transplants for Beautiful, Fuller Hair

Hair loss in women is very different than the hair loss experienced by men. Women usually notice thinning hair that begins at their part and gradually diffuses over the top of the head. Female pattern hair loss, androgenic alopecia, is the broad term for hair loss in women. Both genetics and hormones, including menopause, can impact hair growth and hair loss. Thin eyebrows are also a common cosmetic issue for women.

Dr. Karlinsky of New Look New Life is confident that NeoGraft provides the most natural look and feel out of all the hair loss solutions available.

NeoGraft for women NYC  

The NeoGraft Difference

  • Fuller, natural-looking hair
  • No scalpel, no stitches, and no scar for undetectable results
  • Fast, comfortable recovery – return to work the next day
  • Permanent results can be achieved in just one to two sessions

Call today to schedule your NeoGraft consultation - 646-559-2854


How does NeoGraft hair restoration for women work?

Hair transplantation with NeoGraft is very safe as it only involved a minor surgical procedure. With local anesthesia, you will rest comfortably while our highly-trained technician removes hair from the designated harvest site and strategically places it in the thinning or balding areas of your choice. Those newly-planted hair follicles will begin growing hair in as little as two weeks.

Women with adequate hair growth can harvest hair from anywhere on the body for transplant. Hair on the back of the head tends to be genetically resistant to balding and often serves as a good area for harvesting. NeoGraft's innovative and automated harvesting technique eliminates the need to remove “strips” of hair and skin. By addressing hair follicles individually, NeoGraft safely and more effectively transplants hair for optimal growth potential and more natural results.

Significant results can be achieved in just a single session because thousands of hairs are safely transplanted in follicular units that comprise one to four hairs each. The procedure is comfortable and can even be relaxing.

Most women are able to achieve their permanent hair restoration goals in as little as one or two procedures.

Am I a NeoGraft candidate?

Dr. Karlinsky will meet with you to assess your current level of hair growth and discuss the hair restoration results you can expect with NeoGraft. Most women can achieve significantly fuller hair and beautifully contoured eyebrows with the NeoGraft hair transplant technique. As your hair becomes fuller so will your confidence.

NeoGraft is highly effective for:

  • Thinning hair in women
  • Female pattern baldness
  • Hair loss resulting from an operation or burn
  • Radiation-induced baldness

What to expect after NeoGraft hair transplantation

After your NeoGraft hair transplant your hair will look more dense and full. You will feel almost no discomfort and can easily return to work the next day. In the weeks following your procedure, the transplanted hairs will gradually shed. This is a perfectly normal part of the recovery process. During that time, the newly transplanted follicles will begin to generate new hair and within a few months you will see new growth. This gradual growth process produces the most natural results for seamlessly fuller hair and permanent, continual hair growth.

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