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Inverted Nipples Surgery

Inverted Nipples Surgery New York

What is inverted nipples surgery?

Surgery to correct inverted nipples is a simple, in-office procedure that yields excellent cosmetic results.

Should I have inverted nipples surgery?

Nipple correction surgery is a conservative and safe option that addresses inverted nipples. An inverted nipple is one that appears to have an indentation in its center. The degree of indentation can vary by woman and even by breast. Dr. Karlinsky is highly skilled in making this small change that can have a significant impact on your self-confidence and the overall beauty of your breasts.

How soon can I have surgery to correct my inverted nipples?

Your nipple surgery can be scheduled shortly after your consultation with Dr. Karlinsky.

When can I see the final product of my inverted nipples surgery?

Immediately! Though some swelling and bruising will be present, your nipples will no longer be inverted.

Do I need to prepare for inverted nipples surgery?

Inverted nipple surgery is performed under local anesthesia, so very little preparation is required. It is advised that you refrain from smoking during the month surrounding your procedure as it will greatly improve healing.

How does Dr. Karlinsky correct inverted nipples?

During the minimally invasive procedure Dr. Karlinsky will make a tiny incision to release the nipple tension from the underlying tissue.

Is inverted nipples surgery a long procedure?

Nipple surgery usually takes less than an hour.

Will I stay overnight after inverted nipples surgery?

No! This is a very short procedure that Dr. Karlinsky expertly performs in her surgical center. You will return home just a few hours after surgery.

Can I go to work after my inverted nipples surgery?

In the days following the procedure your nipples will be swollen and tender, but you should be able to return to work the day after surgery.

How soon can I start exercising after inverted nipples surgery?

Within a week you will feel comfortable enough to resume your exercise routine.

Are there any risks associated with inverted nipples surgery?

Inverted nipples surgery is very safe and patients experience minimal side effects beyond swelling and sensitivity. Infection, bleeding, and poor scarring are possible with all cosmetic surgery procedures.  

Patients experiencing any unusual or concerning symptoms are advised to call Dr. Karlinsky’s cell phone immediately.

Will inverted nipples surgery correct my nipples permanently?

The results of your inverted nipples surgery are permanent.

How much does surgery for inverted nipples cost?

Surgery for inverted nipples is very affordable and will be discussed during your consultation.

Are Dr. Karlinsky’s patients satisfied with their inverted nipples surgery results?

With just this small change, Dr. Karlinsky’s patients are much happier with the appearance of their breasts. Click here to read their feedback.

What else can I do to correct my nipples?

The results of this procedure are unique, but some patients opt to combine the surgery with other cosmetic breast improvement such as a breast lift, breast augmentation, or breast reduction.

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