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Pectoral Enhancement in NYC

A taut, muscular chest is the goal for many men. However, despite regular weightlifting and exercise, achieving this goal may be restricted by factors such as age or genetics. Dr. Karlinsky-Bellini can help men to achieve their ideal chest using pectoral implants.

What are pec implants?

Male pectoral implants are used to create the appearance of greater muscle volume and definition in the chest. Dr. Karlinksy is highly skilled in refining and contouring the male chest with chest implants.

Are chest implants for men right for me?

Some men are unsatisfied with the degree of chest muscle definition they are able to achieve through exercise and weightlifting. Those in good medical standing who wish to create the appearance of more muscle mass and achieve greater firmness in their chest will see very positive results with Dr. Karlinsky-Bellini’s pec implant surgery.

How soon can I have pec implant surgery?

During your initial consultation with Dr. Karlinsky-Bellini, she will help you select the pec implant size and shape that best suits your overall body. During that appointment, you may schedule your pec implant procedure.

How soon will I see the results of my pectoral implants?

You will be pleased with the stronger appearance of your chest and the definition created by the implants immediately after surgery. The definition will continue to improve as you heal.

What do I need to do to prepare for pec implants?

Smoking, blood thinning medication, and NSAIDs such as aspirin, Advil® or ibuprofen, and Aleve® must be avoided for two weeks before and after your surgery.

How is pec implant surgery performed?

Pec surgery involves the placement of solid, but soft silicone implants just under the pectoral muscles of the chest. These implants are designed to mimic the look and feel of your own natural muscles. Dr. Karlinsky-Bellini pays close attention to the placement and contouring of pec implants to ensure masculine lines, a natural feel, and symmetry. In some cases, they may also perform light liposuction to achieve optimal definition. Incisions that are made to place the inserts are in the armpit, ensuring that any scarring is well-hidden.

How long does pec implant surgery take?

Pec implant surgery takes approximately 1-1.5 hours.

Do I have to stay overnight after pec implant surgery?

No! Dr. Karlinsky-Bellini will perform your surgery at our Manhattan surgical center and you will return home the same day. You should arrange for a ride home from the procedure.

How long does recovery take?

After your pec implant procedure, you will have some swelling, stiffness, and discomfort. Most men are able to return to non-strenuous work within 2-3 days. During your recovery, you should avoid heavy lifting or running. In the days following surgery, your swelling will subside and your improved chest definition will be fully realized.

How long do I have to wait after pec implants before exercising?

You will feel comfortable resuming your normal activities the day after surgery but should wait 7-10 days before returning to strenuous exercise.

What are the risks associated with pec implants?

Dr. Karlinsky-Bellini is very experienced in successful and safe chest implant surgery. Surgical complications may include bleeding, infection, scarring, or asymmetry.

Patients experiencing any unusual or concerning symptoms are advised to call Dr. Karlinsky-Bellini’s cell phone immediately. 

How much do pec implants cost?

All costs will be detailed during your consultation.

What are male patients saying after pec implants?

Men are extremely pleased with the results of Dr. Karlinsky-Bellini’s pec implant surgery. Read their feedback here.

At New Look New Life, helping you achieve beautiful results with minimal time away from your busy life is our goal. Dr. Victoria Karlinsky-Bellini is a New York cosmetic surgeon whose eye for detail and careful attention to her patients showcases itself in the gorgeous and natural-looking results they are able to provide. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Karlinksy-Bellini give our office a call today at one of our two New York locations (Manhattan and Westchester) and get ready for a new, more confident you.

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