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Forever Clear BBL™

Acne Laser Treatments in New York City

Men and women alike suffer from acne and most have tried just about every so-called “acne solving” product on the market. Hundreds of products are on the market, but acne should be addressed at the source—deep below the skin.

*Individual results may vary

Board Certified Dr. Karlinsky-Bellini understand that for acne treatments to be effective, it needs to address the entire problem. Forever Clear BBL does just that with its multiple light spectrum specifically designed to address bacteria, redness, and a quick healing process. At New Look New Life, our team works tirelessly to ensure all patients living in Manhattan, Westchester, and New York City receive the most personalized care and find a solution to their struggles with acne.

Learn About Forever Clear BBL™ by Sciton—Now Available at NYC’s New Look New Life

Looking for remarkable results without having to miss time from your busy New York schedule? With Sciton’s latest laser and light treatments available at our patients have even more options to help rejuvenate their looks and achieve their unique aesthetic goals. Contact our office today to schedule your private consultation at New Look New Life.