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Tummy Tuck

Abdominal Contouring (Abdominoplasty) in NYC

Losing a large amount of weight or having a baby are both life-changing and exciting events. Don’t let the left-behind abdominal skin get in the way of feeling like yourself again. A tummy tuck with Dr. Karlinsky or Dr. Vega can help to tighten your midsection for a slimmer, natural-looking shape.

What is a tummy tuck?

Abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, is a cosmetic procedure that treats excess fat and loose or sagging skin of the abdomen. Whether your stomach has been stretched from pregnancy, weight gain, or weakened abdominal muscles, this procedure can restore the flat, smooth appearance of your abdomen.

Our New York cosmetic surgeons also perform mini tummy tucks with half the downtime, half the scar, and half the price!

Why choose a tummy tuck?

  • Take care of fat from the stomach (may require liposuction)
  • Slim, tone, and reduce abdomen size
  • Reduce a protruding belly or overhanging stomach
  • Treat excess, sagging abdominal skin

Is my body right for a tummy tuck?

New York City’s Dr. Karlinsky and Dr. Vega are highly-skilled cosmetic surgeons who use abdominoplasty to correct weakened abdominal muscles and sagging abdominal skin. They recommend abdominoplasty procedures for patients who have midsections that have become resistant to diet and exercise. You might also be interested in our mini tummy tuck if you seek a quicker, less invasive procedure.

Schedule your consultation at our New York City offices in Manhattan or Brooklyn.

When can I schedule a tummy tuck?

After your initial consultation at New Look New Life in NYC, you will be well on your way to scheduling the procedure.

Will I see results right after my tummy tuck?

Right after surgery, your new stomach will be smooth and flat. Not only will you look great, you will also notice an immediate change in the way your clothes fit. In fact, it is not uncommon for patients to experience additional weight loss of 10-35 pounds in the months following the procedure (*). Part of your recovery will be spent building a new wardrobe of new favorite clothes!

How should I prepare for abdominoplasty?

Your New York cosmetic surgeon will provide a full overview of surgery and anesthesia preparation, including the elimination of smoking, blood thinning medication, and NSAIDs such as Advil® or ibuprofen, Aleve®, or aspirin two weeks before and after surgery.  For safety and comfort, you will need a ride home after the procedure and should plan to dress in comfortable clothing.

How is tummy tuck surgery performed?

While you are under general anesthesia, your New York cosmetic surgeon will make a hip-to-hip incision, paying careful attention to hiding any future scarring below your bathing suit line. During the procedure, her technique addresses three main concerns: excess fat, loose skin, and separated abdominal muscles. While correcting these issues, she may also use liposuction to gently treat fat and contour your stomach and sides.

In addition to the scar low on your stomach, you will also have a scar around your belly button due to repositioning.

Am I required to stay overnight after an abdominoplasty?

No, an overnight stay is not needed. In just a few short hours, you will be relaxed in our recovery room.

How long will my tummy tuck recovery take?

You should expect to take one week off from work following your tummy tuck procedure. Muscle tightness and discomfort will continue for several weeks as you heal. For most, the new abdominal tightness actually reduces appetite and can lead to significant weight loss, further extending the benefit of your new, slimmer abdomen.

What are the risks following tummy tucks?

Complications following tummy tuck procedures are very rare, but include visible scarring, infection, bleeding, or wound separation.

Patients experiencing any unusual or concerning symptoms are advised to call Dr. Karlinsky or Dr. Vega’s cell phone immediately.

How much does a tummy tuck cost?

At New Look New Life, tummy tuck surgery starts as low as $8,500. You will be given a detailed quote during your consultation. The cost of your tummy tuck will include your surgeon’s fee, anesthesia, facility and operating room fees, required garments, and all of your follow-up visits. Click here for information on how to pay for your tummy tuck in New York.

How much does a tummy tuck cost?

Our surgery team will provide a complete outline of your abdominoplasty costs during your consultation. 

What are patients saying after abdominoplasty surgery?

Our patients love their new, flat abdomens! Read their stories here.

What are the alternatives to tummy tucks?

Patients who require minimal stomach reduction may achieve very positive results through a less invasive mini tummy tuck or liposuction. Dr. Karlinsky and Dr. Vega will thoroughly examine your stomach and abdominal muscles to recommend the best procedure for achieving a smooth, flat tummy.

At New Look New Life, helping you achieve beautiful results with minimal time away from your busy life is our goal. Dr. Victoria Karlinsky and Dr. Elena Vega are New York cosmetic surgeons whose eye for detail and careful attention to their patients showcases itself in the gorgeous and natural-looking results they are able to provide. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Karlinsky or Dr. Vega, give our office a call today at one of our three New York locations (Manhattan, Westchester and Brooklyn) and get ready for a new, more confident you.

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